A Deeper Context for 2019 Goals

A Deeper Context for 2019 Goals

I've been thinking a lot about achieving goals, mostly around how to achieve them both individually and within a large group of people (e.g. a company). 

But then I stopped and asked what before seemed obvious, and that's "Why achieve goals?" I say it seemed obvious, but that's just because it's kind of assumed that we all know why. But seriously, WHY achieve goals?

If you're in a business context you may want to do so for the purpose of making more money, helping more of your customers, getting ahead in your career, or just having fun.

When considering personal goal setting, you may want to achieve them because you think that's what you're supposed to do this time of year. Or you have visions of how great your life will be when you finally hit that next milestone of losing those pounds, making that money, spending time on that hobby, etc.

Those are all fine reasons to work towards a goal. But I think there's something more fundamental at play.

We set out to achieve things because we want to become more whole.

How to Make Your Idea 10x Better

How to Make Your Idea 10x Better

I had been working on a plan for the Solutions Engineering team that I was pretty happy with. It was based on lots of feedback from people that I respected and who had knowledge of where we wanted to go as a team. 

There was just one last piece that I wanted some input on. A tiny piece. A name, really.

So I pinged whom I consider to be the resident namer at Shopify to see if he had a few minutes to chat. 

What he shared changed everything.

The Power of You (Here and Now)

Sweaty Selfie
I went for a run this morning at Starkey Hill. Damn, it was glorious. First of all, I love the feeling of my body moving swiftly through space and feeling the earth under foot (aka running). And second, the trail here in Guelph, Ontario is gorgeous: winding through pine forests, hardwood forests, up hills, over wetlands… and all as the sun was rising in mid-August. It was freaking perfect.
As I was running, though, I noticed something interesting....