How to Make Your Idea 10x Better

I had been working on a plan for the Solutions Engineering team that I was pretty happy with. It was based on lots of feedback from people that I respected and who had knowledge of where we wanted to go as a team. 

There was just one last piece that I wanted some input on. A tiny piece. A name, really.

So I pinged whom I consider to be the resident namer at Shopify to see if he had a few minutes to chat. 

What he shared changed everything.

The idea went from standing on its own quite well, to supporting the larger direction of the company as a whole. Yes, all within a name. 

Had I just gone ahead with my idea because I'd gotten "enough" input, I would have missed this opportunity to take it that much further. But because I had a sense that this person could offer real value, and I took the chance to connect with him about it, the plan is in a much better spot.

When you think something is ready to ship, who might be able to give it a look and make it 10x better based on their past work and expertise? That's one way to supercharge your impact and learning.