Steve Haase Humans are story-telling animals. It's our great advantage and how we've managed to become the dominant species (of large animals) on Earth. It's what will propel our living on the Moon, Mars and beyond.

Our ability to tell stories drives everything from political movements to individual families.

Humanity needs a new story. One that embraces the full complexity of life and doesn't shy away from the hard issues. 

The fact is, there are too many easy stories out there. You know what they are: the easy stories are black and white and have tidy, happy endings. But those never reflect the truth. The truth is a paradox. It's when you struggle to embrace your side AND the other side... because both sides are often right.

This blog is where I will be telling stories—the stories of my life and how I see things. I hope you may find some thoughts that get you thinking about your own story, and help you see the world in a more helpful, empowering, uplifting way. 

Because life is the ultimate gift, and we can either use it to coast along and play out someone else's story for us, or we can use it to write our own. And I think that writing a story that struggles nobly with the hard issues of our time is one of the best gifts I can give to the generations that will come.

If you have a story you want to share, ping me @stevehaase on Twitter and we'll chat.