The Business Book Every Man Needs to Read

The Business Book Every Man Needs to Read
Confession time. As a liberal-minded man who does his best to view all people equally, I figured I didn’t have to read Lean In. After all, I’m already striving to create an inclusive work environment for everyone on my team, especially under-represented groups—and in solutions engineering at a high-growth software company, that definitely includes women. So what else is there for me to learn, right?
Lean In was an eye-opener for me. What struck me most were the specific stories and circumstances of women’s struggle for equality in the workplace. As the father of a young girl, it brought tears to my eyes imagining someone I love so much being treated unfairly solely due to her gender.
At the risk of mansplaining my takeaways from Sheryl Sandberg’s book, I want to share what struck me the most: